Solace & Solitude TOUR EDITION CD

Solace & Solitude TOUR EDITION CD

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Valhalore's acoustic EP, "Solace & Solitude" on CD. Limited copies available. This edition comes with THREE bonus tracks!

An intimate glimpse of VALHALORE’s softer side, SOLACE & SOLITUDE demonstrates the limitless potential by the band. On the EP, VALHALORE’s two NEW original songs “Solace” and “Solitude” are accompanied by an acoustic rendition of “Guardians of Time” and two covers: “A Rose for Epona” by Eluveitie, and “The Bard’s Song” by Blind Guardian.

The hauntingly raw and beautiful atmosphere captured in these songs is sure to irrefutably impact metal and non-metal fans alike. As an all-acoustic release, the SOLACE & SOLITUDE EP is sure to leave listeners immersed in voiceless bewilderment.

VALHALORE will be releasing SOLACE & SOLITUDE on their upcoming Australian tour with KAMELOT this December – secure your tickets:

LIMITED pre-orders available through our website November 3! Sign up to our official Fan-Club so you can be notified FIRST when these are available:

Track listing:

1. Solace
2. A Rose for Epona (Eluveitie cover)
3. Guardians of Time (Acoustic)
4. The Bard’s Song (Blind Guardian cover)
5. Solitude
6. Upon the Shores (Acoustic Live) - BONUS
7. Across the Frozen Ocean (Acoustic Live) - BONUS
8. Morrison's Jig (Acoustic Live) - BONUS

Solace & Solitude EP credits:
Composition/Arrangement/Production – Anthony Willis
Lyrics/Vocals/Cello – Lachlan Neate
Guitars/Vocals – Anthony Willis & Lucas Fisher
Whistles/Flute – Sophie Christensen
Mandolin/Tambourine – Matthew Grimley
Cajon/Percussion – Morgan Cox
Mastering – Steve Nagasaki of Nagasaki Sound
Artwork – Stuart Kerr
Guest Vocals on Solitude – Jacqui McLaren